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The Poros Summit on Industrial Fish Farming


Wednesday April 17

Welcome Toast 18:00: At Katheti

Dinner 20:00: At Oasis & Caravella Taverns

Thursday April 18

LOCATION: Vassiliki Kogioni Theater

MORNING 10:00 – 13:30

  • Welcome to the convening from Mayor of Poros, Giorgos Koutouzis, followed by Eva Douzinas, Rauch Foundation and Katheti; Elias Papatheodorou, Katheti; and Catalina Cendoya, Global Salmon Farming Resistance/GSFR
  • History of GSFR, the work to ban industrial fish farming, and highlights of campaigns from across the world: Catalina Cendoya, Agustina Copello    
  • Greetings from Peter George, Neighbours of Fish Farming (NOFF) – Tasmania
  • DISCUSSION TOPIC #1: Summarizing key concerns across Mediterranean & EU
    • Presentation, Eva Douzinas and Ann Golob, Rauch Foundation: How the Rauch Foundation became invested in this issue, and why it has historically chosen to focus on data gathering, research and education.
    • Panel discussion:
      Panel Moderator: Elias Papatheodorou
      Panelists representing multiple EU countries:
      • SPAIN: Marcos Bittner, Asociación Cultural Ecológica de Calp
      • ITALY: Alessandro Bocconcelli, experience in Chile & Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
      • GREECE: Elina Makri, Municipality of Xiromero
      • GREECE: Matina Alexandri, Marine Geologist/Oceanographer, Poros             
  • Video greetings from Maxime de Lisle, Seastemik    1

– Break – (15 Minutes)

  • DISCUSSION TOPIC #2: Research strategies related to sustainability and the environment
    • Presentation, Natasha Hurley, Feedback Global: Blue Empire Report: How Your Supermarket Salmon is Impacting Communities in West Africa
    • Panel Moderator: Natasha Hurley  
      Panelists: Scientists and NGOs focused on environmental research:
      • CHILE: Sea Meadows Impact & Conservation Maximiliano Bello Maldonado – Mission Blue
      • US: Harmful Algae Bloom threat from aquaculture – Chris Gobler, Stony Brook University
      • GREECE: Fish farms & plastic pollution – Tasos Filippidis, Ozon
      • GREECE: Impact on Posidonia Meadows – Anastasia Miliou, Scientific Director, Archipelagos

LUNCH 13:30

AFTERNOON 14:45PM – 17:00

  • Video greetings from Ian Urbina, Outlaw Ocean Project
  • DISCUSSION TOPIC #3: Framing a question to ask the EU and National Parliaments (open discussion with all attendees)
    • Presentation and Discussion Moderators, Elias Papatheodorou and Jo Sullivan, Conscience Consulting

– Break – (15 Minutes)

  • Planning for World Oceans Day
    • Discussion Moderators, Fay Orfanidou, Katheti and Hannah Kapff, Curious PR
  • Photo of Attendees
  • Breakout groups
    • Science & the preservation of the environment – Chris Gobler
    • Selecting the right PR strategy – Nikos Kopsidas, Nikolaos Kopsidas Communications and Public Relations Services and Hannah Kapff, Curious PR
    • Working cross-border – Agustina Copello, GSFR

AFTERNOON BREAK 17:00 – 18:30

FILM SHOWINGS 18:30: Vassiliki Kogioni Theater

  • Introduction by Francesco De Augustinis and showing of his new film, Until the End of the World
  • Introduction by Mike Sampey and showing of his new film, Poros Stands

DINNER: 20:15: Poseidon Restaurant

Friday April 19

LOCATION: Vassiliki Kogioni Theater

MORNING 9:00 – 13:00

  • Video greetings from Catherine Collins and Doug Frantz, authors of Salmon Wars
  • Welcome and review of the day: Elias Papatheodorou and Catalina Cendoya
  • DISCUSSION TOPIC #4: Legal and Legislative strategies
    • Panel Moderator, Focusing on Legal Strategies: Anthi Giannoulou
    • Panelists:
      • Quentin Marchais, Client Earth
      • Tom Appleby, Blue Marine Foundation
      • Richard Barreno, Sea Shepherd Spain
    • Panel Moderator, A Conversation with Elected Officials: Elias Papatheodorou
    • Panelists:
      • Mayor of Poros, Giorgos Koutouzis
      • Mayor of Troizinia/Methana, Anastasios Mougios
      • Member of the European Parliament for Greece, Petro Kokkalis

– Break – (15 Minutes)

  • DISCUSSION TOPIC #5: Alternatives to open-net industrial fish farming
    • Presentation by Andrianna Natsoulis, Don’t Cage Our Oceans
  • Finalize EU Question
    • Discussion Moderators: Elias Papatheodorou and Jo Sullivan

LUNCH 13:00

AFTERNOON 14:00 – 15:30

  • Finalize World Oceans Day Discussion
    • Discussion Moderators: Fay Orfanidou and Hannah Kapff
  • DISCUSSION TOPIC #6: Organizing Across Multiple Locations
    • Panel Moderator: Patti Schaefer, Rauch Foundation
    • Panelists:
    • Video Greetings from Matthew Palmer, Off the Table campaign
    • GSFR’s Global Media Campaign, Catalina Cendoya
    • Panhellenic Network for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Aquaculture, Anthi Giannoulou
    • Sea Shepherd Global, Alex Cornelissen
  • Concluding Remarks and Thank You: Eva Douzinas, Fay Orfanidou, Elias Papatheodorou, and Catalina Cendoya

15:30: Optional boat ride to see coastline